Picture Perfect Ending

The day before I left Austria, Reinhard wanted to take me somewhere special for breakfast. Where do Tyroleans go for a special breakfast? The top of a mountain, of course! We met with Reini’s sister Kathrin and took the ski gondola all the way up to the top of the snowy mountain. The view from the top was beyond beautiful. Snowcapped mountains surrounded us almost as far as you could see, minus views of flat Germany in the distance.

View from our breakfast window

Once our faces were thoroughly chilled by the cold wind, we went into the mountaintop restaurant with panoramic views. Reini and Kathrin’s good friend Johanna works at the restaurant, so we chatted with her a bit before placing our breakfast orders. I got what was called an alm toast (a toasted egg, cheese, and ham sandwich). It was fun seeing the skiers zoom past the windows as we munched.

The mountain looked very steep from where we were sitting. I couldn’t imagine being able to ski down that! Everyone, other than Reini and I, (including Kathrin) were all in their gear to ski down the mountain. We looked a bit out of place, but skiing down this huge mountain is not within my skill set just yet… Reini and I took the lift half way down the mountain and then walked down the other half. It wasn’t so fun seeing the skiers zoom past us this time – I was a little envious. Hopefully next time I’ll be brave enough to ski down!

This post concludes my Christmas trip to the Austrian Alps. There are some stories that I didn’t tell (night rodeln/sledding, dinner in Hopfgarten, tea with Eva, St. Johann), but I’m just going to keep them as good memories.


Bonus photo from Reini – night sledding restaurant:



Though Reinhard had never been, his family suggested that we visit the nearby town of Rattenberg and their castle, and we were glad that had time to fit it in. This small, medieval town is famous for its glass and crystal creations. We strolled and shopped; I bought some little pink glass pigs (Reini said that Austrians believe pigs to bring good luck for the New Year). There were some beautiful glass flowers that were very tempting to purchase, but I wasn’t brave enough to try to bring them on the plane with me, so they stayed in the store. After we visited all the opened stores, we headed to the castle ruins at the top of a hill above the town. The hill offered beautiful views of the Inn River and valley area.