Springtime Animals

Spring is full of anticipation here in Austria. Opa let his precious cows outside for the first time. For a few of the baby cows it was their very first time ever leaving their barn. Opa said their eyes had a hard time adjusting to the light. They went in pretty early and went right to sleep. I think they’re excited for summer. I wonder if the older ones told them about the alm they get to visit later in the epseason. Reini says that’s their equivalent of a vacation home. 


  I got to meet Reini’s new kitten for the first time. This is his first spring too. He likes to sit in the flower boxes oh the balcony. Oma hasn’t planted any flowers yet so it’s the perfect place for him to observe the budding greenery around him. 

  Reini’s and I went on a walk around the village and encountered some very curious creatures who didn’t know what to think of us. The sheep stared us down and made sure we didn’t get too close to their new lambs. 

Spring time is fun here in Austria. All the animals (people included) are certainly enjoying the end of the snow!