IMG_3279Many of the people living in the Tyrolean Alps don’t feel the need to travel far away. Their hometowns are so beautiful they tend to stick close by. With his four hour drive Reinhard was the first of his family and friends to visit Venice. I had only been once before, so I was eager to give it another try. Reini drove almost all the way to Venice, stopping to park and hop on the train in the town just before the island. Thankfully I picked a hotel fairly close to the train station so weren’t lugging our suitcases too far. We weren’t amused when the men selling the “selfie sticks” tried to get us to make a purchase as we carried the bags over the bridges. The weather was fine – no rain and a little sun. We loved wandering through the narrow streets when nighttime came and cruising on the water bus during the day.

IMAG0783We ended up picking a couple of great restaurants. I made Reini stop for gelato at Grom (it reminded me of many nights in Florence) and the Magnum shop. We dined the first night at Muro Frari. I had the most delicious gnocchi and Reini enjoyed a pasta dish that had some assorted fishy things in it. The second night we ate dinner at the Impronta Cafe. We shared a tasty caprese salad with the freshest mozzarella. But what really stole the show was the panna cotta that we ordered for dessert – so decadent! I could have used seconds! We always had great house wines and even stopped off at an enoteca and enjoyed a small carafe of wine outside. You have to be careful in Venice – there are lots of awful places to eat that solely target tourists. But there are also many absolutely special places, too! It just takes some research ahead of time!