A very busy break

My Master’s program had the month of February off for a break. We could either choose to complete our final exams at the beginning of the month or at the end. Thankfully, I finished all my exams and projects at the beginning so I had the whole month to “relax.” Some of my girl friends and I signed up for a Zumba class for the month through our University’s athletics department. I still don’t know much German, but it really didn’t matter. We danced our hearts out, though not so skillfully, to fun Latin music. We had such a great time sweating off calories that we’re all planning on signing up for a whole semester’s worth of Zumba. The girls and I have been enjoying our break time. I invited them over for “Galentine’s Day” and they’ve hosted some fun dinners too.

Other than hanging with the girls, I’ve been preparing for my parents’ visit! It was their first time here and first time to meet the Fohringers. In addition to hanging out with Reini’s parents, I kept my family very busy touring the highlights of the area. They flew into Munich so we started their tour there. We checked off a few items from their guidebook (Hofbräuhaus, Glockenspiel, Nymphenberg Palace, and their Olympic park). My mom and dad realized pretty early on that the German they learned as children wasn’t coming back to them after the years of nonuse. Luckily we had Reini’s help for the tricky parts. We were able to find some really nice restaurants online and ate very well while we were there. (A tip for the foodies out there, Hofbräuhaus is to be enjoyed for the atmosphere and not necessarily for its gastronomy) My dad learned about the panorama feature on his new iPhone and had fun using it at all the pretty sights!


More info about their trip will follow in a later post!