Sunny Salzburg

IMG_0954We were afraid of having gray, snowy weather for my parents’ visit. However, we were granted with a warm, sunshiny day when it came time for our trip to Salzburg. Reini and I have been a few times already so we had all the highlights planned out for my parents. We certainly did a lot of walking to get to all the best spots so we were dead tired at the end.


The first stop on the tour was to the ‘Gurken’ (pickles) art installation in the Furtwängler Park. I guess Salzburgers appreciate silly things too! The we headed to the big Salzburg dome church. I had been before and knew it was impressive. But this time, we headed down into the crypts! The crypts were really cool too. Half of it had an art exhibition that I think was about evil spirits.

IMG_0242After a stop at the Zipfer brähaus for lunch and a few big beers (my mom’s fav), we made our way to the Hohensalzburg fortress. Reini and I had been before, but we were still able to discover new things. This time we discovered the audio tour. We got to climb the top of a tower (I imagined that that’s where Salzburgers launched cannonballs at Bavarians back in the day). And we saw an ancient organ (that I imagine was played for princely dinners). The views from the fortress were amazing. I could see why the Salzburgers would build on that piece of land!

Upon departing the fortress, we walked along the lovelock bridge to get to the Mirabell Gardens (because we are Sound of Music fans). I’m sure the gardens would have been more impressive during spring and summer, but they were still exceptionally pretty for wintertime. After the walk through the gardens we were beat (and the clouds threatened to roll in) so we walked back to the car to drive to Reini’s village.