DSCN4977DSCN4989Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava is only an hour away from Vienna, so of course I made Reini make a stop there. Bratislava reminds me a lot of Tallinn with its medieval old town, complete with winding streets and secret passage ways.

DSCN4963With prices being so reasonable in Bratislava, we ended up staying in a great hotel – Hotel Devin – with a Danube River view. It was also very close to the American Embassy, so I certainly felt safe. When we arrived, we walked around a bit before settling down to dinner. We picked a tasty Italian restaurant and relaxed, watching the passersby.


DSCN5003DSCN5029Bratislava may not be the most exciting city, but it has its charms. Which leads me to… another castle! The original castle overlooking the area dated back to the stone age. Through all the wars Bratislava has seen, the castle wasn’t looking so good by the time the big 1950s renovation was initiated. Luckily for us, Reini and I were able to visit a perfectly sparkly castle.

DSCN5077Our trip to Bratislava was short but sweet. Get excited for my next entry. Here’s a sneak peak photo… Bonus points to who can guess why this place was on my must visit list.